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Developed by APPi Mobile Technologies, A Mobile Application Development Company. We have crafted a customizable Mobile Church Application developed to help you Engage deeper with your Congregation. Designed to fit with your Church’s Communication strategy and for the Growth of your Church and Ministry. The ChurchYangu Mobile Application is packaged with lots of configurable features to help you spread the Gospel and Your Church News into your Community.

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why church_yangu?

The Church Application offers unlimited Benefits and is the most Effective Communication Tool in staying Engaged with your Congregation. With ChurchYangu, it makes it possible to extend the Conversation and your Content to more People in more Places - Anytime! We want to make the adoption of the Mobile revolution to be as Cost Effective as possible to You.

why our app

You can share Podcasts, Videos, Photos and so much more directly to your members’ mobile devices.

Instant updates

Send Push Notifications... Update your Media and see it reflect instantly on your App. Adoption of Mobile Application Technology made easy.

many addons

We have packaged ChurchYangu with all the Modern Features we could think of. ChurchYangu makes it easy to customize your own App to your own contention.


Modern User Interface

The ChurchYangu App platform includes Amazing App Features with an incredible user interface that allows for the most enjoyable interactive experience your Church has ever imagined. Let your Community enjoy the pleasurable experince of engaging with you on your new amazing platform to be proud of!


User Experience For All

For the Young and Old... Our Church App is designed for our Customers Needs and Objectives to ensure that the App is utilised and experienced with the utmost of ease. The End User experience is key in our Design and Development Philosophy, to make sure that your App will be enjoyed by all. Less Clutter, More Ease.

What You Get

An Application that can be deployed onto iOS (iPhones & iPads), Andriod (Samsung devices & others), Windows Mobile as well as BlackBerry devices.

Social Sharing
Share Sermons, Calendar Events, Bible Plans, News and a lot more via Social Media all integrated within the App.
Video on Demand
Keep your Audience Engaged by seamlessly uploading Sermons & Announcement Videos directly to the App.
Push Notifications
Send unlimited Push Notifications directly to your Congregants. No Phone Tree, WhatsApp Broadcast or SMS list to worry about!
Events Calendar
Post Events effortlessly that can be integrated and saved onto the Users device with the click of a button.
Reading Plans + Online Bible
Post Daily/Weekly Reading Plans for your Congregation to follow. We also provide the YouVersion Bible App integrated in your App!
Notice Board
Post Prayer Requests, Announcements, Testimonies or Needs on the wall, and let your Community Engage & support One Other.


ChurchYangu User Features

One of the Key Features of ChurchYangu is the ability to utilize Timely Push Notifications to reach your Audience Anywhere, Anytime. Create Notification Groups for sending specific Messages to Targeted Audiences! Additional features include:

  • Quick Navigation
  • Big, Bold Interface
  • Audio/Visual Media Feed
  • Sharing Functionality
  • Integrated Maps for Directions
  • In-App Social Media Browsing
  • Unlimited Posts & Uploads
  • In-app Links To Your Website


ChurchYangu+ (Management System)

Church Management and Database System. We are currently in Development Developing ChurchYangu+ (plus). A Church Management System that will also be able to work hand-in-hand with the ChurchYangu App. ChurchYangu+ is an Independant Church Management Application Tool which Features:

  • Community Management
  • Simplified Giving
  • Reporting System
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Track Attendance & Growth
  • Calendar & Events Manager
  • Generate Reports
  • Project Management


all the bits and pieces

ChurchYangu was born out of a Strong Passion for the Word of God. This Application was Developed with You in mind to help you Better Grow your Church by equiping you with Modern Tools to help you reach out to your Local Communities and beyond! Ultimately, working hand-in-hand, to help in the spread of the Gospel. We offer:

  • Support via Phone/eMail
  • Dashboard to Report Bugs
  • Continued OS Updates
  • Documentation if Required
  • Continued Feature Improvements
  • Security For Your Content
  • Ability To Customize Your App Further
  • A Team Dedicated To Your Needs :)


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ChurchYangu - A Quality custom Church App offered at affordable pricing. Move your Weekly Flyers and Bulletins to your App & save Thousands each Month on Printing and Distribution! Our Packages range in Price starting with a Standard setup fee of $650, and $49 - $99 Monthly Subscription.
$ 49.99
per month
  • iOS Only. Excludes Android, Blackberry & Windows Mobile.
  • Limited Custom Configurations
  • eMail Only Support
  • No Push Notifications
  • Limited Analytics Reports
  • Annual Updates
  • 50gb Cloud Hosting
  • Excludes Client Dashboard
  • Includes Podcasting
  • Excludes 3D Touch on iPhone 6s
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$ 99.99
per month
  • iOS & Android. Excludes Blackberry & Windows Mobile.
  • Custom Configurations Unlimited
  • eMail & Telephone Support
  • Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Analytics Reports
  • Regular Updates
  • 250gb Cloud Hosting
  • Access to Client Dashboard
  • Includes Podcasting
  • Includes 3D Touch on iPhone 6s
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$ 129.99
per month
  • iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows Mobile.
  • Custom Configurations Unlimited
  • eMail & Telephone Support
  • Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Analytics Reports
  • Regular Updates
  • 500gb Cloud Hosting
  • Access to Client Dashboard
  • Includes Podcasting
  • Includes 3D Touch on iPhone 6s
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